Flood risk maps

Flooded area

      After knowing the hydrographic basins and flood flows, it is possible to predict which areas will be flooded in the event of extraordinary rainfall. In addition to the flooded perimeter, maps can be made with runoff depths as well as runoff velocities in flood events.

Flow depth

     One of the main advantages of flood maps is the prediction of water depth in all flooded areas.

     Knowing the water level, the hydraulic and structural behavior of bridges and embankments that contain roads or railways can be verified.

Flow velocity

       Knowing the speed that the surface runoff presents at any point in the flooded area, it is possible to know the force that it applies to the structures that are in the path of the water and thus analyze its behavior and stability.

Design flow rates

      At any point of the runoff, for example, when it crosses a road, railroad or rural path, one can know the maximum flow rate at that location. In this way it is possible to design the hydraulic culvert or bridge to be applied at that location.