Roads and railways drainage

Hydraulic study of bridges

    Bridges are complementary structures to roads and railways and are necessary for crossing water lines. In the event of a flood, the water from the rivers exerts enormous pressure on these structures, which must be prepared to resist them. Also this structures must be positioned above the flood water level. Our studies allow us to predict the maximum level of the water surface in the event of a flood, as well as the speed of the water under these conditions.

Culverts design

    When the waterline is smaller, instead of a bridge, a culvert is needed to allow the flow of water generated in the watershed.

     Culverts can be round, quadrangular, or have another configuration, which allows local traffic, for example. The adequate design of these works is essential to guarantee the safety of the road/railway and its users.    

    For this, it is necessary to define the watershed corresponding to each one of them, calculate the flood flow for the return period of the project and then carry out a hydraulic and sediment analysis of the same,